Why do the humanities matter?

  2.11.2015   Debra   Pleasures

I have been volunteering for the Mattapoisett PTA since 2007. In 2008, I took over the position of Arts & Humanities Chair. In addition, I set up and maintain the

Healing little Hearts

  1.11.2015   Debra   Pleasures

Once again, I am proud to be a part of the Healing little Hearts team. I designed the invite for the 2016 Healing little Hearts Gala & Auction. This 9th and

Food Truck Magnets

  29.10.2015   Debra   Pleasures

I recently designed these six round magnets for the Oxford Creamery’s food truck, The Oxcart. A great idea by Ken. No prices, just an image of what they are serving and

Octavia Randolph

  26.10.2015   Debra   Pleasures

Do you love Medieval history? What about romance? I had the pleasure of creating Octavia Randolph’s website. Octavia writes novels and essays about historical eras, and people. If you want

Received a nice package today.

  5.05.2015   Debra   Pleasures

Two loaves of Danish Rye from a dear friend, Rolf Hoeg. We recently finished creating his logo. I sent him the artwork in different file formats. He had a stamp

Food Drive at Mattapoisett Elementary Schools

  5.01.2015   Debra   Pleasures

We are blessed to have an incredible school district. I am very active with my children’s education and I volunteer to help when I can — this tends to lean

Healing little Hearts Gala & Auction

  29.12.2014   Debra   Pleasures

I am proud to have designed the invite for the 2015 Healing little Hearts Gala & Auction. Proceeds for this event benefit Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA. HEALING little HEARTS

My Most Frequented Sites in 2014

  28.12.2014   Debra   Pleasures

An end-of-the-year wrap-up… thought I’d share a few websites that I frequented often in 2014!   National Public Radio My homepage…on all browsers.     My Fonts One of my

For Dyslexics, A Font And A Dictionary That Are Meant To Help

  12.11.2014   Debra   Pleasures

By Bill Chappell | NPR A designer who has dyslexia has created a font to help dyslexic readers navigate text, designing letters in a way that avoids confusion and adds

#ColorFacts: A Weird Little Lesson, In Rainbow Order

  23.10.2014   Debra   Pleasures

www.npr.org  |  October 23, 2014 Color Decoded: Stories That Span The Spectrum Where’d the term “red tape” come from? Why are the Simpsons yellow? And is there a rhyme for